Why You Should Join the Next Energy Alliance

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Let’s talk about the Alliance! Next Energy Alliance is more than just our brand of solar panels. We started this company with the idea of bringing together sales organizations and installers so that each company could focus on what they do best. This simple idea has transformed into something much bigger since then.

What is the Alliance?

While our original idea of the alliance was to simply connect sales organizations and installers we realized that there was a huge gap in the industry waiting to be filled. The solar industry is extremely focused on sales without much focus on project management, operations and logistics. We realized that these skills were lacking in the industry.

For many smaller organizations, these were skills that they were missing but it didn’t make much sense for them to focus on these areas. We believe that if your strength is sales, focus on sales; If your strength is installation, focus on installation.

While our original goal was to connect people and sell panels our ambitions have grown. We also want to provide support and bring a code of ethics to the industry. We want to lead the way with integrity and transparency.

The Alliance members will be competitive by coming together to secure mature and young markets.

The Goal of the Alliance

Our purpose and main goal is to have something to do with every solar installation. Whether we sell the equipment, supply the panels, install it or finance it. We want the Alliance to have something to do with every install in the United States.

We will work together to become a force and cover America’s rooftops with solar panels!

Benefits of the Alliance

The solar industry is growing! As concerns about climate change mount, people are turning to alternative fuel sources more and more often! In fact, one study predicts that gas plants will get crushed by wind and solar by 2035. While the solar industry is very attractive it can be difficult to get started if you don’t have the resources. With the Alliance you have the ability to scale and grow your business more quickly.

Sales Organizations - When you rely on the Alliances project management and operations expertise, your team can hit the ground running. You get to sell and you won’t need to worry about finding amazing installers. You can also avoid the hurdles of credit and financing.

Installers - Just because you’re passionate about solar doesn’t mean you’re a salesman. Leave the selling up to sales organizations so that you can focus on doing what you do best. When you become a vetted installer of the Alliance, we’ll generate the business, you take care of the rest.

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