Why Choose Next Energy Alliance

We know that there are a lot of options available when choosing what solar panels. Even though there’s a lot of competition in the solar industry we know that if you choose Next Energy Alliance you won’t be disappointed.

Here are just a few of the things that make Next Energy Alliance the right choice.

American Made Panels

Most solar companies have their panels manufactured overseas, specifically in China. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing by choosing American made solar panels, you’re choosing to support American manufacturing and helping to create more American jobs.

In addition because our panels are made here in the United States our supply chain isn’t as volatile. Between the coronavirus and trade wars with China, it’s easy to see why choosing American made panels would be a good choice.

Of course let’s not forget the amazing quality you can count on when you buy American made. We have full faith that our panels are top quality. That’s why we back our panels with a 30 year warranty!

Approved with Top Lenders

We have partnered with some of the top solar lenders in the industry! You don’t have to pay for your solar panels in cash to start saving money and reaping the rewards of going solar. With our trustworthy lending partners you can get started saving money on your electric bill today.

We are approved with the following lenders:

  • Dividend

  • LoanPal

  • Sunlight Financial

Amazing Customer Service

When choosing the right solar panels for you it goes beyond lenders and panels, you also want to work with a company you can trust! Our customers rave about our top-notch service. Some solar companies are too big to take care of their customers but here at NEA we value all our customers.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s what our customers have to say.

“We have dealt with his company the last couple of years and they have given us perfect service. The panels have been great and produced tremendous power which is lowered our electric bill but also they have been responsive to request I have had over the past couple of years. That response has been quickly and they have been very friendly taking care of the product which they have installed. I recommend them highly to anyone. We had solar panels prior to this company which were destroyed by storm. That previous company was not responsive at all. Such a Night and Day difference.” — Mike S.

“I went with them to install 36 panels on my roof. My solar bills for Sep’19 and Oct’19 were $12 each for a 3600 Sq.Ft. home. They installed a level 2 car charger at the same time as my panels, and I have been saving another $100 a month on gas since the July’19 installation. The quality of their work was high. The installers were fast (2.5-day install time). Their cost was less expensive than most quotes I checked. I liked that they were local to South Jordan. They even helped me install a Sense meter to measure the Solar output and my home energy usage. I bought the Sense Solar units separately, and I highly recommend that for independent tracking. The company provided an internet-based system for tracking the panels (at the individual panel level), and that ECU has been great. No panels have died so far, and my experience has been great! I highly recommend this company.” — Robert D.

“Working with Kerry Bray was great. When I needed some help he was always able to help or find someone else. When I called he was always good to talk to. I will refer anyone who is looking to have solar installed or would want to do it their shelves. I have only had my system on for a few days and everything is working as I thought it would. Thanks for your help.” — Daren R.

“I have a 7.4 system and it has performed beyond my expectations. I'm creating more energy than my neighbor's similar sized system with different manufactured products. I had a micro inverter stop working and within a week of making them aware of it, I had a new unit installed. I couldn't be happier. When searching for solar I was more concerned about the warranty and service side. I'm so happy I found a company that kept to their word. So many solar shops are bait and switch then once you pay they are gone.” — Chase V.

“I bought a DIY solar system from Next Energy Alliance, and they have been absolutely great to work with! I found out about them through a DIY workshop they offered that showed what all goes in to installing a solar system. I have always wanted to do a solar system myself but didn't know where to start until I attended this workshop and they got me going in the right direction and provided everything I needed. I installed a 7.2kW system that I put on a small 1050 square foot house that will cover 100% of the electricity needed each year (including heating and AC). It was a great investment and would highly recommend this company to anyone!” — Brent H.

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