Introducing Next Energy Alliance

The founder of Next Energy Alliance, Doug Hewitt, spent most of his career in the oil and gas industry, that is until 2015. When the price of oil dropped and the industry shrank he was forced to look elsewhere for employment.

And where else would an oil and gas guy look besides the solar industry right? Some friends in California invited him out to see what the industry was like. He was on board instantly.

“It really was a no-brainer for me because it made sense to replace your electric bill with a solar payment. Most of the time this saves the customer money immediately.”

Doug quickly fell in love with solar but he also spotted some major flaws in the industry. One of the biggest issues he noticed was that no one seemed to be focusing on operations/project management side. Even though there were a lot of great sales people knocking doors and converting customers the rest of the process was lacking. Customers’ expectations just weren’t being met.

At Next Energy Alliance we’ve made it our job to help companies focus on what they do best. If that’s sales, help them focus on sales. If that’s installation, help them focus on installation. Our primary mission and purpose is to network and link arms with those who have a passion for the solar industry. Connecting sales organizations and solar installers nationwide. Providing an organization full of like-minded individuals from small to large businesses.

Ultimately our ambitions are big. We want to have something to do with every solar installation. Whether that’s selling the equipment, supplying the panels, installing it or financing it. We want something to do with every install in the United States. And we’re prepared to make this goal a reality.

Next Energy Alliance is different because we focus on operations/project management, logistics and equipment. This skill is lacking in an industry focused mostly on sales.

We’re also focused on moving this industry forward with integrity and transparency. Our American Made panels are just one of the ways that we do this. We offer consistency and partnership and that’s something most other large companies just can’t match.

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