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Become an Installation Partner with The Alliance

Next Energy Alliance’s primary mission and purpose is to network and link arms with those who have a passion for the solar industry. Connecting sales organizations and solar installers nationwide. Providing an organization full of like-minded individuals from small to large businesses. Our goal is to bring a code of ethics to the industry and operate with integrity and transparency. The Alliance members will be competitive by coming together to secure mature and young markets.


We will work together to cover America’s rooftops with solar panels.

Why Join The Alliance?

Every sales organization needs hard working installers and electricians who take pride in their work. NEA will generate the business when you become a vetted and trusted installer for The Alliances vast network. You will receive equipment and be paid directly from the Alliance. No credit lines and peace of mind you’ll receive payment for your hard work.


Next Energy Alliance has secured financing with the largest Finance companies in the industry. Your company will hit the ground running having immediate access to funding. 


No more credit lines! We take care of the equipment for you. Using our financing allows you to do an unlimited amount of projects. Since NEA is the panel manufacturer we an assure our members of The Alliance that product will always be available. No more switching brands and wattage before install. 


Once the installation completion docs and photos are completed and uploaded you'll receive payment for the project. 

Backend Support

NEA provides a customer relationship management software called "The Hub" which was hand crafted by NEA to better manage your projects. 

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